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صور: أحمد العوضي و فناناتان يثيرون الجدل بعد تصريحات المشاهير بتحريم تهنئة المسيحيين و الاحتفال بالكريسماس

الصفحة الرئيسية

 تعرف على التفاصيل و شاهد بالصور... 

بعد انقلاب عدد من صفحات التواصل الاجتماعى بتصريحات تكفير الاقباط و عدم احتفال المسلمين مع المسيحيين باعياد الكريسماس و راس السنه الميلادية

و بداية حنان ترك بتفجير قنبله فتنه الكريسماس و هيجت الوضع و اغضبت جميع اقباط مصر و العالم بسبب تصريحاتها الرقيقة المتعصبه

و كلماتها المظلمه الممزوجه بالكره و الغل التى حذرت بها المسلمين من الاختفال مع المسيحين بالكريسماس و راس السنه الميلاديه حيث قالت

بلاش صور مع شجرة الكريسماس وبلاش صور مع أي مظاهر معموله للاحتفال بالكريسماس وبلاش نشتري لاولادنا لبس في حاجة بتدل على الكريسماس او بابا نويل ......

و بعد نصريحات حنان ترك خرج بعدها شيوخ الاخوان و السلفيين ليكملوا مسيرة تصريحات فتنه تحريم الاحتفال بالكريسماس و راس السنه و تحريم التهنئه

و لكن كان فى الجهه المقابله اخوتنا المسلمين المحترمين الفاهمين لتعاملات و مجاملات الانسانيه الذين لهم محبه و خلق و رقى و اداب المعامله

لقاء الخميسي مع اسرتها زوجها حارس المرمى عبد المنصف وأولادهما

نرمين الفقي

فبعد تصريحات تحريم التهنئه و الاحتفال بالكريسماس أحمد العوضي يهنئ الاقباط

جاء الفنان الجميل أحمد العوضي وخرج بتهنئة المسيحيين بكلمات جميله مؤثرة حيث قال

كل سنه و كل اخوتنا المسيحيين بخير . سنه حلوة عليكم و علينا ان شاء الله.

After statements prohibiting congratulations and celebrating Christmas, Ahmed Al-Awadi congratulates the Copts

After the coup of all social networking sites with statements of infidelity of Christians and the failure of Muslims to celebrate with Christians the Christmas and New Year holidays

And Hanan Turk was the one who started detonating the bomb of the Christmas sedition and inflamed the situation and angered all the Copts in Egypt and the world because of her kind and fanatical statements

And her dark words mixed with hatred and malice, with which she warned Muslims not to separate with Christians on Christmas and the New Year, where she said

Blush pictures with the Christmas tree and no pictures with any appearances made to celebrate Christmas, and we don't buy clothes for our children in need of Christmas or Santa Claus, no Christmas at all. Why? Because of the celebration of Christmas, the birthday of the Lord, I mean, it is against our religion and our belief that we celebrate me. Do not celebrate me. You say to people that it is not possible for us, as Muslims, to celebrate Christmas {He was neither born nor was he born} {And they said, “God has taken a son, Glory be to Him, He did not die.” You say we celebrate the New Year and we don't have anything in our minds. I wanted to make it clear that this is a belief and it is not allowed to be lenient with it, and that when the infidels used to worship idols, they knew that they neither benefit nor harm (we only worship them to bring us closer to God)

After Hanan Turk’s comments, the Brotherhood’s sheikhs and Salafis went out to complete the march of the statements of sedition, the prohibition of celebrating Christmas and New Year’s, and the prohibition of congratulations.

But on the opposite side were our respected Muslim brothers who understand the dealings and courtesies of humanity, who have love, morals, sophistication and etiquette.

Among them is the beautiful artist Ahmed Al-Awadi, who congratulated the Christians with beautiful, touching words, as he said

Every year and all our Christian brothers are fine. A good year to you and us, God willing