عناوين الأخبار

أيه ده هو انت مسيحي؟!!!!! قصة من واقع الحياة تعرف عليها

الصفحة الرئيسية

تعرف على التفاصيل الكاملة..

حدث بالفعل... هي دي الحكاية

 أول ما أتخرجت قررت أشتغل 

ونزلت مكتب محامي علشان أتدرب فيه ،

كان في برج فيه محامين ودكاترة ، 

الدور إللى كنا فيه كان فيه ٤مكاتب محاماه

كان من ضمنهم مكتب لعضو مجلس شعب محامي،

اتعرفنا على بعض ك محامين كنا كتير ، 

كان فيه حد سمارت وشيك وزكي واجتماعي ومحترف

وأكبر مني في السن والخبرة

كان مهتم جداً أنه يعلمني بجد

 برغم أننا مش في مكتب واحد، 

كان انسان محترم وحبوب جدا ومتزوج 

(علشان دماغكم ماتروحش بعيد )،

هو إللى علمني الدنيا ماشيه أزاي في المحكمة وبراها

كنا نهزر ونضحك ونشتغل ونعمل مصالح وعرفني على مراته 

كان بيعتبرني أخته من قلبه بجد 

وأنا كمان كنت بعتبره هدية ربنا ليا

قعدت سنتين اعمله شغل ويعملي شغل

وبشوفه كل يوم صبح وليل هزار وجد

شغل وحرقة دم واعصاب بتتحرق

وفجأة قاللى هاعملك توكيل علشان أي

حاجه تخصني تعمليها بسهولة

قلت اوكى ماشي ، 

تاني يوم لقيته بيديني التوكيل ولقيت مكتوب فيه

عماد ثابت حنيس ،

أنا أتصدمت

أيه ده أنت مسيحي يا أستاذ عماد


- قاللى يعنى أيه أزاي ؟

= قلت له أومال ايه صلي على محمد

و يالا نقرا الفاتحة

 وكمان أنت مش داقق صليب 

- قالي وهو يفرق معاكِ أنا مسيحي ولا مسلم ؟

= قلت له لأ طبعاً .. بس أنت أشتغلتني سنتين ماحستش فيهم للحظة أن فيه فرق بينا 

- قالي وفعلا مافيش فرق بينا .. انت بنتي وأختي و ده مالوش علاقة بالدين

حقيقي الدين مالوش علاقة بأنسانيتنا مع بعض ، 

البني آدم إللى مش انسان مفيش دين هيشفع له في قلوب الناس

أستاذ عماد من أقرب الناس لقلبي لحد دلوقت 

بيسأل عليا وبسأل عليه..

يارب تدوم المحبة بين الناس وبس

لا للمصالح المؤقتة والفرص الزائلة.

بواسطة: نور الهدى المصرية


When I graduated, I decided to work

I went to a lawyer's office to practice.

He was in a tower in which there were lawyers and doctors.

The floor we were in had 4 law offices

Among them was the office of a member of the People's Council of Lawyers,

We got to know each other as lawyers, we used to be a lot.

There was a smart, imminent, smart, social and professional limit

He is older than me in age and experience

He was so interested that he really taught me

 Although we are not in the same office,

He was a very respectable, loving and married man

(Because your brain won't be far away)

He is the one who taught me the world how to walk in court and out of it

We joked, laughed, worked and did interests, and he introduced me to his wife

He considered me his sister from his heart

I also considered it a gift from God to me

I spent two years doing a job and doing a job

And I see him every morning and night, Hazar was found

Work and burning blood and nerves are burning

Suddenly he told me, "I will give you a power of attorney for anything."

Something of mine that you can do easily

I said okay okay,

The second day I found him with my hand in the power of attorney and I found a written in it

Imad Thabet Hanis,

I'm shocked

Are you a Christian, Professor Imad?


- He told me, what do you mean?

= I said to him, what do you pray for Muhammad?

And let's read Al-Fatihah

 Also, you are not checking a cross

- He said while he separated with you, am I a Christian or a Muslim?

= I told him no, of course.. But you worked for me for two years and I didn't feel for a moment that there was a difference between us

- He said, and really, there is no difference between us.. You are my daughter and my sister, and this has nothing to do with religion

True religion has nothing to do with our humanity together.

The son of Adam, who is not a human being, there is no religion that will intercede for him in the hearts of people

Professor Imad is one of the closest people to my heart so far

He asks me and I ask him..

Oh Lord, the love between people will last forever

No to temporary interests and fleeting opportunities